For students planning to apply to grad school:
Wait, should you go to grad school? Advice (and links) from Daniel Laurison
Information on Minnesota's graduate training in Sociology

For current graduate students:
Jessica Calarco's "Grad School's Hidden Curriculum" on Scatterplot
Neil Lewis Jr. and Jay Van Bavel's excellent workshop Demystifying the Academic Job Market

For current graduate students & assistant professors:
Sociology blogs scatterplot and orgtheory
I developed this template for tracking project goals and managing time commitments that you're welcome to borrow! The template spreadsheet works better if you download instead of viewing in Google Docs. Generally, the logic is that you should have a plan to tenure (or getting your PhD and finding a job) and then work backwards from there for yearly, monthly, and daily goals. I also recommend tracking your time to meet daily/weekly/monthly productivity goals and then giving yourself permission to take nights, weekends, and holidays off (to steal from Golash-Boza, get a life!). Tracking my hours saved my sanity in graduate school. The template is loosely based on this 5-Year Plan template from The Professor Is In and reflects the advice on goal-setting, time management, and daily writing from the blogs listed aboveI also use a daily to-do list at the start of each week that breaks up goals into manageable chunks. 

For students interested in non-academic and/or non-traditional careers:
Versatile PhD
Karen Kelsky's "The Professor Is In" Blog (see section on "Post-AC Help")