I have three primary streams of research focused on: 1) The expansion of mass probation; 2) Understanding the process of penal change, including the persistence of rehabilitation during the "get tough" era and recent attempts to roll-back mass incarceration; and 3) Police reform. You can details on my new projects, papers in progress, and published research in each of these areas below. 

*Please email for copies of working papers, forthcoming articles, and pieces behind paywalls.

Mass Probation

Phelps (2015). The Curious Disappearance of Sociological Research on Probation Supervision. Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Annual 7: 1-30.

Phelps (2013). The Paradox of Probation: Community Supervision in the Age of Mass Incarceration. Law & Policy 35(1-2): 51-80.

Police Reform