I have three primary streams of research focused on: 1) The expansion of mass probation; 2) Understanding the process of penal change, including the persistence of rehabilitation during the "get tough" era and recent attempts to roll-back mass incarceration; and 3) Police reform. You can details on my new projects, papers in progress, and published research in each of these areas below. 

*Please email for copies of working papers, forthcoming articles, and pieces behind paywalls.

Mass Probation

Phelps (Forthcoming).  “Ending Mass Probation: Sentencing, Supervision, and Revocation.” Future of Children.

Phelps (2015). The Curious Disappearance of Sociological Research on Probation Supervision. Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Annual 7: 1-30.

Phelps (2013). The Paradox of Probation: Community Supervision in the Age of Mass Incarceration. Law & Policy 35(1-2): 51-80.

Police Reform