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Scatterplot (March 2019) -- Remembering Devah Pager: The Mark of a Mentor

P&S Blog (Feb. 2019) -- Are you a criminologist or a sociologist? Michelle Phelps Responds

The Conversation (Jan. 2019) -- Congress’ First Step Act Reflects a New Criminal Justice Consensus, but Will It Reduce Mass Incarceration?

Scholars Strategy Network Policy Brief (Sept. 2018) -- Why Ending Mass Probation is Crucial to U.S. Criminal Justice Reform

The Crime Report (Jan. 2018) -- The Lessons of Meek Mill: A Probation System ‘Set Up to Fail’

Race, Politics, Justice (August 2017) -- The Struggle for Criminal Justice Reform

In Justice Today (July 2017) -- To Fix the Justice System, Shrink and Reform Community Supervision

American Probation and Parole Association's Perspectives (June 2017) -- American Exceptionalism in Community Supervision (with Alessandro Corda)

Punishment and Society Blog (May 2017) -- Can Criminology Be Neutral?

OUP Blog (May 2017) -- On Criminal Justice Reform, Keep Fighting

Gender Policy Report (March 2017) -- Rehabilitation in Prison? Educational Programs for Women Prisoners in 2014

The Society Pages (Feb. 2017) -- The Return of Rehabilitation? Educational Programs for Prisoners Remain Inadequate

Robina Institute (July 2016) -- Mass Probation Across the United States

Scatterplot (July 2016) -- Yes, There is Racial Bias in Police Shootings

LSE US Centre (Feb. 2016) -- Falling Violent Crime and Budget Deficits Set the Stage for Shrinking Prison Populations

Offender Supervision in Europe (March 2013) -- The Paradox of Probation: Understanding Probation Expansion during the Prison Boom

SocImages (June 2011) -- The Dangerous Trade-Off between Education and Imprisonment

TV Interviews

Kare 11 (July 2018) -- No Charges Against Mpls. Officers in Blevins Shooting

Radio Interviews

KERA NEWS (April 2019) -- Forget The Petty Theft Hullabaloo. Creuzot's Probation Reform Will Affect More People

*Reprinted in the Texas Standard (April 2019)

Access Minnesota (Feb. 2018) -- Rise of Probation

Access Minnesota (April 2017) -- Criminal Justice Reform

Access Minnesota (July 2016) -- Racial Bias in Policing

Media and Policy Reports' Coverage of Research

Pew, Public Safety Performance Project (Sept. 2018) -- Probation and Parole Systems Marked by High Stakes, Missed Opportunities

Columbia University Justice Lab (Jan. 2018) -- Too Big to Succeed: The Impact of the Growth of Community Corrections and What Should be Done About It

PBS (Jan 2018) -- Felony Conviction Rates are Up Nationwide

Crime Report (July 2017) -- Want to Shrink Our Prisons? Fix Probation and Parole

Star Tribune (April 2017) -- Yes, Minnesota Has a Low Prison Population, But That's Not the Whole Story

Robina Institute (March 2016) -- Data Brief: American Exceptionalism in Probation Supervision

The Economist (Sept. 2016) -- Think Before You Clink: Why a Rise in Community Punishment is Not Cutting Prison Rates

Prison Policy Initiative (June 2016) -- Correctional Control: Incarceration and Supervision by State

Robina Institute (Nov. 2013) -- Robina Funds Phelps’ Study of “Mass Probation” in the United States

Media Interviews

Star Tribune (Nov. 2018) “Latest numbers: Crime recedes in most parts of Minneapolis”

MN Daily (Oct. 2018) "Increase in reported sexual assaults, according to University safety report"

PolitiFact Wisconsin (Sept. 2018) “Tony Evers supports cutting prison population 50%, but releasing thousands of violent criminals?”

Star Tribune (Aug. 2018) -- Release of Blevins Video Exposes Divide Between Police, Communities of Color

AP (Aug. 2018) -- FACT CHECK: Walker Right on Wisconsin Prison Population

MinnPost (Aug. 2018) -- Many Questions, Few Answers, As Minneapolis Council Takes Up Proposal To Change Police Oversight

USA Today (May 2018) -- At Santa Fe High School, Police Had an Active-Shooter Plan

MN Daily (March 2018) -- Stadium Village Rally Calls for UMPD to Disarm

Star Tribune (April 2018) -- With Few Women in Top Spots, Minneapolis Police Face a Challenge Diversifying Force

Star Tribune (Feb. 2018) -- Maplewood Police Says Study Shows They are Unbiased

TC Daily Planet (Jan. 2018) -- Principles of Less Eligibility: The Human Cost of Prison Labor

Next City (Dec. 2017) -- Parole and Probation Reform Is Bigger Than Meek Mill

MN Daily (Oct. 2017) -- UMPD Expands Community Engagement Team

MN Daily (Oct. 2017) -- UMPD Joins Other Campus Police to Discuss College Free Speech Issues

Portland Tribune (July 2017) -- Probation Innovation Stymied by Lack of Data

MinnPost (June 2017) -- Why Tiny Polk County Sends So Many People to Prison

Star Tribune (April 2017) -- Female Police Officers' De-escalation Skills Changing Tone in Minneapolis

MN Daily (March 2017) -- Minneapolis Police Create New Division for Community Outreach

Yes! Magazine (March 2017) -- Defunding Police: How Antiracist Organizers Got Seattle to Listen

Star Tribune (Jan. 2017) -- Frustration Grows with Minneapolis Police Psychological Screening Process

MinnPost (Dec. 2016) -- Minneapolis is Hiring More Police Officers. Here's Why Some Advocates Argue That Won't Make the City Any Safer

MN Daily (Oct. 2016) -- Report: Total crimes Increased in Minneapolis Last Year

Chicago Reporter (Aug. 2016) -- Police Liability Insurance Measure Goes to Court in Minneapolis

FiveThirtyEight (July 2016) -- Why Are So Many Black Americans Killed By Police?

Pioneer Press (July 2016) -- St. Anthony Police Data Shows Disproportionate Arrests of Blacks

MN Daily (July 2016) -- Police Accountability Petition Advances

MN Daily (July 2016) -- Philando Castile Shooting Shows Reality of Racial Bias in Law Enforcement Says Obama, Gov. Dayton

MN Daily (June 2016) -- Dayton Backs Revised Police Body Cam Bill

MN Daily (February 2015) -- Mpls. Unveils Group for Police Conduct Oversight

Star Tribune (Dec. 2014) -- Twin Cities Forum Explore Racial Bias, Police Tactics

Star Tribune (Nov. 2014) -- Small-Time Arrests Down as Mpls. Police Shift Focus

Wake Mag (Nov 2014) -- Minneapolis Police Department Testing Officer Body Cameras

Wake Mag (Nov 2013) -- Alert: This is a Desensitizing, Vague Message about Crime

Book Reviews

Criminal Justice Policy Review (May 2018) -- Issa Kohler-Hausmann's Misdemeanorland

Theoretical Criminology (Oct. 2017) -- Schept's Progressive Punishment

Punishment & Society (Sept. 2015) -- Calavita & Jenness' Appealing to Justice

Punishment & Society (July 2013) -- Lisa Miller's The Perils of Federalism