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Periodicals, Briefs, and Blog Posts

MinnPost (June 2020) -- Dismantling the police, reimagining public safety

Scatterplot (June 2020) -- Dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department

Scholars Strategy Network Policy Brief (May 2020) -- Improve Health for Adults on Community Supervision

Robina Institute (April 2020) -- Community Supervision and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Why We Need to Build a More Integrated Health System

Scatterplot (Nov 2019) -- Legal Estrangement and Police Reform in Minneapolis

Scatterplot (March 2019) -- Remembering Devah Pager: The Mark of a Mentor

P&S Blog (Feb. 2019) -- Are you a criminologist or a sociologist? Michelle Phelps Responds

The Conversation (Jan. 2019) -- Congress’ First Step Act Reflects a New Criminal Justice Consensus, but Will It Reduce Mass Incarceration?

Scholars Strategy Network Policy Brief (Sept. 2018) -- Why Ending Mass Probation is Crucial to U.S. Criminal Justice Reform

The Crime Report (Jan. 2018) -- The Lessons of Meek Mill: A Probation System ‘Set Up to Fail’

Race, Politics, Justice (August 2017) -- The Struggle for Criminal Justice Reform

In Justice Today (July 2017) -- To Fix the Justice System, Shrink and Reform Community Supervision

American Probation and Parole Association's Perspectives (June 2017) -- American Exceptionalism in Community Supervision (with Alessandro Corda)

Punishment and Society Blog (May 2017) -- Can Criminology Be Neutral?

OUP Blog (May 2017) -- On Criminal Justice Reform, Keep Fighting

Gender Policy Report (March 2017) -- Rehabilitation in Prison? Educational Programs for Women Prisoners in 2014

The Society Pages (Feb. 2017) -- The Return of Rehabilitation? Educational Programs for Prisoners Remain Inadequate

Robina Institute (July 2016) -- Mass Probation Across the United States

Scatterplot (July 2016) -- Yes, There is Racial Bias in Police Shootings

LSE US Centre (Feb. 2016) -- Falling Violent Crime and Budget Deficits Set the Stage for Shrinking Prison Populations

Offender Supervision in Europe (March 2013) -- The Paradox of Probation: Understanding Probation Expansion during the Prison Boom

SocImages (June 2011) -- The Dangerous Trade-Off between Education and Imprisonment

TV Interviews

CBS This Morning (June 2020) -- Minneapolis' Policing Problems

Almanac (June 2020) -- The Intersection of Public Safety and Public Health

WCCO (Oct. 2019) -- Good Question: How Many Police Officers Should A City Have?

Kare 11 (July 2018) -- No Charges Against Mpls. Officers in Blevins Shooting

Radio Interviews

Dialogue Minnesota (June 2020) -- What Does "Dismantling" the Police Really Mean?

KERA NEWS (April 2019) -- Forget The Petty Theft Hullabaloo. Creuzot's Probation Reform Will Affect More People

*Reprinted in the Texas Standard (April 2019)

Access Minnesota (Feb. 2018) -- Rise of Probation

Access Minnesota (April 2017) -- Criminal Justice Reform

Access Minnesota (July 2016) -- Racial Bias in Policing

Media and Policy Reports' Coverage of Research

MN Daily (July 2020) -- What does changing the Minneapolis city charter mean for public safety?

Pew, Public Safety Performance Project (Sept. 2018) -- Probation and Parole Systems Marked by High Stakes, Missed Opportunities

Columbia University Justice Lab (Jan. 2018) -- Too Big to Succeed: The Impact of the Growth of Community Corrections and What Should be Done About It

PBS (Jan 2018) -- Felony Conviction Rates are Up Nationwide

Crime Report (July 2017) -- Want to Shrink Our Prisons? Fix Probation and Parole

Star Tribune (April 2017) -- Yes, Minnesota Has a Low Prison Population, But That's Not the Whole Story

Robina Institute (March 2016) -- Data Brief: American Exceptionalism in Probation Supervision

The Economist (Sept. 2016) -- Think Before You Clink: Why a Rise in Community Punishment is Not Cutting Prison Rates

Prison Policy Initiative (June 2016) -- Correctional Control: Incarceration and Supervision by State

Robina Institute (Nov. 2013) -- Robina Funds Phelps’ Study of “Mass Probation” in the United States

Media Interviews & Quotes

Star Tribune (June 2020) -- Killing of George Floyd shows that years of police reform fall far short

LeMonde (June 2020) -- Mort de George Floyd : à Minneapolis, le démantèlement de la police s’annonce plus compliqué que prévu

WaPo (June 2020) -- Protests spread over police shootings. Police promised reforms. Every year, they still shoot and kill nearly 1,000 people

WaPo (May 2020) -- Minneapolis struggled with police violence and adopted reforms. ‘And yet, George Floyd is still dead.’

Philly Enquirer (Oct. 2019) -- The Probation Trap: Living in Fear

MN Daily (Oct. 2018) "Increase in reported sexual assaults, according to University safety report"

Star Tribune (Nov. 2018) “Latest numbers: Crime recedes in most parts of Minneapolis”

PolitiFact Wisconsin (Sept. 2018) “Tony Evers supports cutting prison population 50%, but releasing thousands of violent criminals?”

Star Tribune (Aug. 2018) -- Release of Blevins Video Exposes Divide Between Police, Communities of Color

AP (Aug. 2018) -- FACT CHECK: Walker Right on Wisconsin Prison Population

MinnPost (Aug. 2018) -- Many Questions, Few Answers, As Minneapolis Council Takes Up Proposal To Change Police Oversight

USA Today (May 2018) -- At Santa Fe High School, Police Had an Active-Shooter Plan

MN Daily (March 2018) -- Stadium Village Rally Calls for UMPD to Disarm

Star Tribune (April 2018) -- With Few Women in Top Spots, Minneapolis Police Face a Challenge Diversifying Force

Star Tribune (Feb. 2018) -- Maplewood Police Says Study Shows They are Unbiased

TC Daily Planet (Jan. 2018) -- Principles of Less Eligibility: The Human Cost of Prison Labor

Next City (Dec. 2017) -- Parole and Probation Reform Is Bigger Than Meek Mill

MN Daily (Oct. 2017) -- UMPD Expands Community Engagement Team

MN Daily (Oct. 2017) -- UMPD Joins Other Campus Police to Discuss College Free Speech Issues

Portland Tribune (July 2017) -- Probation Innovation Stymied by Lack of Data

MinnPost (June 2017) -- Why Tiny Polk County Sends So Many People to Prison

Star Tribune (April 2017) -- Female Police Officers' De-escalation Skills Changing Tone in Minneapolis

MN Daily (March 2017) -- Minneapolis Police Create New Division for Community Outreach

Yes! Magazine (March 2017) -- Defunding Police: How Antiracist Organizers Got Seattle to Listen

Star Tribune (Jan. 2017) -- Frustration Grows with Minneapolis Police Psychological Screening Process

MinnPost (Dec. 2016) -- Minneapolis is Hiring More Police Officers. Here's Why Some Advocates Argue That Won't Make the City Any Safer

MN Daily (Oct. 2016) -- Report: Total crimes Increased in Minneapolis Last Year

Chicago Reporter (Aug. 2016) -- Police Liability Insurance Measure Goes to Court in Minneapolis

FiveThirtyEight (July 2016) -- Why Are So Many Black Americans Killed By Police?

Pioneer Press (July 2016) -- St. Anthony Police Data Shows Disproportionate Arrests of Blacks

MN Daily (July 2016) -- Police Accountability Petition Advances

MN Daily (July 2016) -- Philando Castile Shooting Shows Reality of Racial Bias in Law Enforcement Says Obama, Gov. Dayton

MN Daily (June 2016) -- Dayton Backs Revised Police Body Cam Bill

MN Daily (February 2015) -- Mpls. Unveils Group for Police Conduct Oversight

Star Tribune (Dec. 2014) -- Twin Cities Forum Explore Racial Bias, Police Tactics

Star Tribune (Nov. 2014) -- Small-Time Arrests Down as Mpls. Police Shift Focus

Wake Mag (Nov 2014) -- Minneapolis Police Department Testing Officer Body Cameras

Wake Mag (Nov 2013) -- Alert: This is a Desensitizing, Vague Message about Crime

Book Reviews

Criminal Justice Policy Review (May 2018) -- Issa Kohler-Hausmann's Misdemeanorland

Theoretical Criminology (Oct. 2017) -- Schept's Progressive Punishment

Punishment & Society (Sept. 2015) -- Calavita & Jenness' Appealing to Justice

Punishment & Society (July 2013) -- Lisa Miller's The Perils of Federalism