Mass Probation & Health

Together with colleagues across the University and in Hennepin County, I'm currently working on a University of Minnesota's Grand Challenges Initiative funded project on the intersection of probation and health. The over-arching project includes collecting and analyzing criminal justice and health and human services data for all adults on probation in two cohorts (2014 and 2016) and interviews with adults on probation, probation officers, and health care providers.

Our research team interviewed 170 adults on probation in 2019 to better document and understand the experiences and backgrounds of people under this form of criminal justice supervision. The interview guide combines structured survey questions with open-ended responses that ask about participants lives--including health and healthcare access, experiences with supervision, family relationships, employment, and housing.

We are currently in the process of data analysis. Reports and working papers will be updated here when available.

Graduate Research Assistants

Ph.D. Candidate, Public Health

Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology

M.P.H. Student

Ph.D. Student, Sociology

Ph.D. Student, Sociology

M.P.H. Student

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Olufemi Akindumila

Noura Abukhadra

Anna Stalsberg

Rodrigo Tojo Garcia

Former Team Members

UMN Law Student

Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology

Lizeth Diaz Rodriguez

UMN Undergraduate

Hannah Hagen

James Rashid

Faith Adewunmi

Sara McClendon

UMN Undergraduates