Recorded Lectures & Talks

"From Police Reform to Police Abolition? How Residents and Activists in Minneapolis Want to Make Black Lives Matter" (February 2022). The University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center (PRC) Speaker Series. (1 hour talk)

"Why Did Voters Reject Plans to Replace the Minneapolis Police Department?" (Dec. 2021) Harvard Kennedy School, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management. (1 hour presentation + Q&A)

"Criminal (in)Justice, Race, and Policing: Derek Chauvin, Mohamed Noor, and Beyond" (April 2021). ICW Public Scholarship Teach-In, University of Minnesota. (1.5 hours discussion)

"Reimagining/Reinventing Police Conference" (July 2020). University of Chicago. (Start at 2 minutes [15 minutes])

"Policing, Public Policy, and Racial Justice: Stories and Analysis from Minneapolis, Atlanta, and D.C." (July 2020). ICW Public Scholarship. (Start at 1:28 minutes [10 minutes])

"Cry the Beloved Country:  George Floyd and America's Continuing Racial Tragedy" (May 2020.) Law & Society Association plenary Panel. (Start at 42 minutes [10 minutes])

"The First Step Act: Conflict and Consensus in the Penal Field under Trump" (May 2019). Quattrone Center 2019 Spring Symposium. (Start at the 3:44:40 time stamp or click on slide title [20 minutes])

"Governing Marginality: Coercion and Care in Probation Supervision" (Oct. 2018). LSA CRN 27 Punishment & Society Digital Series [40 minutes presentation + Q&A]

"Mass Probation by the Numbers" (Oct. 2014). Minnesota Population Center [40 minute presentation]

Symposium Introduction, "Offenders in the Community" (Oct. 2014). University of Minnesota Law Review. (Starts at the 6 minute mark) [10 minutes]